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               About us
                Maung plant
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            Wisdom Livestock Machinery Co., Ltd. Hebei is a professional animal husbandry automation equipment one-stop solutions provider. She set design and development, production and processing in one, in the field of aquaculture equipment has many years of experience, and all the long-term cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences animal husbandry, farming equipment has its own proving ground, all the new R & D facilities have been real after setting running test. At the same time, we continue to learn from foreign advanced farming equipment to develop the idea that our products will always be in the advanced ranks of the industry.
            Our company was established in 1996, the existing fixed assets of 150 million yuan, annual production of manure scraping machine 10 005 thousand sets, and other related animal husbandry machinery more than 20,000 sets, covering 30,000 square meters, construction area of 20,000 square feet meters, with all kinds of Livestock machinery production equipment more than 300 Taiwan. The main products involved separating wet and dry manure removal system, automatic feeding system, pig bed series, fecal leakage plate series.
            Division I always uphold the first service, advanced technology, honest business enterprise philosophy, and sincerely hope that together old and new customers to create a better common future.
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            Contact:Liu +86 17734145678   Support:+86 13383171352   Phone: +86 317-8759999 317-8750888   Fax:+86 0317-8759288   QQ:   934302

            Address: Hebei Cangzhou Nanpi industrial zone   E-mail:gm@zhxmjx.com   Links: