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               About us
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            Our factory was founded in 1988, its predecessor is our east stamping factory. In 1998 after a restructuring, renamed our hardware factory. Later in the development process, led by the director Liu Lianpu factory employees, with the help of friends from all walks of life and the new and old customers support, optimizing the management, innovation, good faith service, repay society. So far has developed into a product category is complete, the ability to improve equipment, strong technical force of professional hardware parts manufacturer.
            By 2015, the existing fixed asset 6000 ten thousand yuan, covers an area of 30000 square meters, construction area of 20000 square meters, with all kinds of related production equipment more than 500 sets. Products mainly involves the chassis cabinets, advertising equipment, auto parts, electronic parts and pipe fittings, etc.
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            Contact:Liu +86 17734145678   Support:+86 13383171352   Phone: +86 317-8759999 317-8750888   Fax:+86 0317-8759288   QQ:   934302

            Address: Hebei Cangzhou Nanpi industrial zone   E-mail:gm@zhxmjx.com   Links: