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            Electric control box
              Time:2016-08-01 14:28:40

            The control circuit 1

            The control circuit 2

            The main circuit

            1, the electrical control box specifications length X width X height = 480X350X180mm, with 1.0mm 201 stainless steel plate.

            2, the conventional control box panel is provided with a stop switch, power indicator, manual / automatic switch knob, manual forward, backward manual, operation instructions, fault indication.

            3, scraping manure automatic control system adopts microcomputer control one-timer,

            4, when the number of channels need to focus on automation and control manure, PLC programmable logic controller to control (optional).

            5, when the PLC control system can be used in non-contact proximity switch instead of the full package trip switch, installed traction fault detection sensor (non-essential items).

            6, electrical control box requires waterproof seal.

            7, 201 stainless steel 1mm thickness of electric control cabinet, brushed surface

            8, electrical components using well-known brands.

            9, with manual functions.

            10, box design with fully sealed structure, electrical high degree of protection.

            11, according to the different needs of customers individually tailored.
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