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            Dynamic Host
              Time:2016-08-01 14:29:09
            1, the host power-free welded construction. All frame plate laser cut type (including connection holes) and CNC bending, burr-free cut surface is smooth, the dimensional accuracy of ± 0.1mm. 5mm high quality materials using carbon steel plate, plated Dacromet.

            2, sheave diameter not less than φ240mm, rope slot number four. 45 # steel drum or ductile iron wheel, black surface treatment.

            3, axle diameter φ50mm, shaft head diameter φ40mm, black surface treatment, with UCF208 side seat bearing.

            4, large sprocket diameter φ216mm, small sprocket diameter φ112mm, width of 11.9mm, all 45 # quenched and tempered steel, black surface treatment.

            5, the chain of national standard 12A No. sleeve roller chain.

            6, a manure channel host motor is brand 0.75KW cycloid reducer motor or gear motor.

            7, two manure channel host motor with 1.1 (1.5) KW brand cycloid motor or gear motor.

            8, pulling speed 6.5-7m / min.
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