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              Time:2016-08-01 14:18:54

            Sectional view of the catheter
            1, the catheter using the company's own design, own production of high quality PVC catheter, to ensure that material, no distortion, no cracking.

            2, the inner diameter of the catheter φ100mm, wall thickness 4mm, "Ω" the inside of the opening pitch of 20mm, "Ω" overall height 148mm, 4000mm length each.

            3, before the catheter "Ω" opening of the factory is closed, to avoid the construction of cement and other debris from entering the building after construction is completed can rip removed.

            4, when the catheter to take a long, need to take a long use of the card company, in order to ensure that the overall straightness and does not appear to take a long step after the joint. Flapper length 200mm

            5, catheter joints need to use the company's pipe bracket to ensure that each take a long catheter "Ω" opening the center line in the same plane. Pipe bracket length 80mm.
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