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            Flat scraper car
              Time:2016-08-01 14:31:57
            1, flat scraper car, except for the main blade no "V" shaped angle, no catheter small blade, the rest of the structure and the same wet and dry separation "V" shaped manure channel scraping manure car.

            2, left and right outer side plates from the inside of the left and right side walls, respectively, the distance is 125mm, that is, outside of the left and right side pitch than the track width faecal small 250mm. Unilateral arm adaptive adjustment is 60mm, that is, scraping manure car can adapt to changes in manure channel width is 120mm.

            3, the car left and right sides of the bottom plate, front and rear left and right ends of the swing arm has a support wheel. Support wheel diameter φ60mm, polyurethane rubber tire width of 30mm.

            4, the main road of the same shape adaptive manure scraper wear strips the length of the main length of the blade, abrasion resistant polyurethane material, width 80-100mm, thickness 6mm. When scraping manure car forward, the main squeegee down, wear strips bend under pressure, with the bottom channel tight fit dung, dung adaptive channel cross-sectional shape. In the new state put into use, the bonding width not less than 60mm; need to be replaced when worn to the use, fit width of not less than 20mm.

            5, the use of V "shaped manure channel when the trolley plate ends of the catheter to be set small blade.
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